About Weijia

Wei Jia Liang Pi was founded in 1999, after more than 20 years of development, has become a positioning in the fast food industry, set independent research and development, production, distribution, management, sales in one of the combination of Chinese and Western fast food chain enterprises.

It owns several brands such as Weijia Convenience, Wesley  Burger, Channel We Coffee, Liu Laosan Rou Jiamo.

Wei jia liangpi production base in xi "an open area of grass land ecological park, the introduction of international production equipment, the practical area of more than 20000 square meters of the central kitchen (shaanxi warom wansheng food co., LTD.) has been put into use, warom wansheng management team by advanced corporate culture idea as the leading factor, supplemented by the standard management system, committed to creating high quality Chinese fast food, And to development as own duty, through strengthening the standardization, scale, and brand competitive advantage, efficient chaining radiation in the grand strategic objective of both at home and abroad, leading the wei family continuously towards a new level, to date, warom wansheng food co., LTD has passed the ISO9001:2015 quality management certification system, ISO22000: 2005 food safety management system and SC certification, some products have entered the market circulation field, for more consumers to bring delicious and convenient.

Wei jia liangpi created three standard operation system of Chinese fast food logistics standardization, cooking equipment standardization, restaurants standardized operation, in terms of quality, service, clean three fully in line with international standards, at the same time, wei jia liangpi machining operation has been fully realize DianQiHua, no soot, to provide customers with rich, delicious, fresh, healthy eating, Well-received the pursuit of health, fashion people of all ages.

After continuous development, Weijia Liangbi has a total of more than 200 standardized stores in Xi 'an, Baoji, Xianyang, Weinan, Beijing, Tianjin, Taiyuan, Lanzhou, Zhengzhou and other places, combining the western style of decoration with Weijia, with a distinctive design style for the new market, to give customers a new dining experience and feelings.

As a traditional snack in Shaanxi Province, Weijia Liangpi has developed into a potential and dynamic brand in China after more than ten years of sweat and tears washing. Wei jia liangpi team to "harmonious, effective, aggressive" for the guidelines, in the "promote the development of the fast food industry for a common goal" at the same time, the propensity to solve some of the social employment and support entrepreneurial individuals and groups, to advocate "real personhood, diligent in doing things" the cultural atmosphere, truly "vocational, technical, replicable" type of comprehensive services.


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After continuous development, Weijialiangpi has a total of more than 200 standardized stores in Xi'an, Baoji, Xianyang, Weinan, Beijing and Zhengzhou. While continuing to expand the Xi'an market, it also opened up the Shanxi market. At present, stores have been opened in Taiyuan and Yuncheng, Shanxi, combining Western-style decoration style with Wei's house and facing new markets with unique design style, giving customers new dining experience and feelings.

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From Farm to Table

A strict food quality and safety management system has been established